3 Best Free Workout Apps

Working out is easy in theory, but with a full time job, friends, family, and dating it is very hard to make time for! It can also be very expensive! An average yoga studio membership that is unlimited can be anywhere from $100-$500 a month. In this blog, I will go through 3 free workout apps. The apps are great because they are easy on the go, short, and free! 

Nike +Training App

This app is one of the most comprehensive workout apps available for free! It has over 185 different workouts for you to choose from! You can browse by muscle group or class depending on how you like to work out and your specific goals. It is also very diverse because it also gives you nutrition and wellness advice as well. 


Freeletics is a great app with weightlifting, HIIT workouts, and adaptive coaching. It only requires using your body weight to work on your arms, abs, buttocks, and legs. The workouts range in times to fit your schedule. You can work out for 10 minutes on the go or a full 60 minute HIIT workout. 

Johnson and Johnson 7 minute workout

The Johnson and Johnson app is another free workout app with science-based activities and results. This one is great because it gauges your motivation level as well as your fitness level. It definitely fits into any schedule due to the fast paced 7 minutes you can do before work or hanging out with friends. 

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