4 Best Coffee shops in LA!

There are plenty of activities to do in the popular city of Los Angeles! If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing and energizing then visiting our top 4 favorite coffee shops sounds like a good time!


Our first pick is located in West Hollywood and they offer the most delicious drink ever created! It is called Dialog Cafe, and their Iced Strawberry and Oat Matcha Latte has a refreshing taste that will boost your energy without feeling bloated! Our next favorite is Muddy Paw Coffee in the Silver Lake area! This has become everyone's go to, not only for their Mexican Mocha, but their pastries as well. They also support local animal shelters and raise awareness for adopting and caring for animals. 

This next pick is for our vegan crowd, this location is also in the Silver Lake area and it is called Dayglow. With their unique and delicious drinks this coffee shops has plenty of new customers everyday! Lastly, Alfred coffee shop has become a household name not only because of their delicious bagels but also their tasty signature coffee. They have a variety of shops in different locations, and we can reassure that you can find one in every corner.

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