5 Beauty "Secrets" That Don't Actually Work

Beauty is one of the number one hot topics right now. Whether it is Kylie Jenner lips, youtube makeup tutorials, and the increased attention towards plastic surgury! Beauty hacks are also increasing to keep up with thia fad! However, do any of the truly work? 

1) Cucumber for Puffy Eyes

In every movie or television show that shows a spa, the characters always have cucumbers on their eyes. The thought is that the cucumber reduces the swelling and puffiness of the eyes. In reality, they only help if they are cold to naturally depuff the eyes, but ice is better than cucumbers. Cucumbers are also thought to have properties that are good for the skin, but they dry up quickly so they are not very effective when using it on the eyes.

2) Toothpaste on Acne

Toothpaste was thought to be used like a mask for acne meaning that it would dry out the zit. In recent studies, they have found that toothpaste will irritate and cause redness to the treated area. It is in no way a treatment, rather than something that will cause more irritation to your skin on top of the zit underneath. 

3) Jade Rollers

Jade rollers blew up in popularity in 2018, they claim to boost collagen, smoothe wrinkles, decrease puffiness, and more. In reality, whenever skin in massaged it reduces puffiness, but the jade roller will not make significant difference in your skin. 

4) Lemon Juice for Brightening

Lemon juice is advertised to have many different beauty hacks. One of them is that it can brighten your skin. Some people use it if they have uneven skin tones are even to lighten the cheekbone area. In reality, lemon juice is very acidic and can be harsh on sensitive skin. It can cause irritation and even skin peeling. 

5) Glue to get Rid of Blackheads 

Children glue has been rumored to help get rid of blackheads. Many beauty secrets say that it acts like a pore strip, but it is not strong enough to actually rip out the black heads. Childrens glue also contains chemicals that are not good for skin. If you want to get rid of your black heads use a biore strip!


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