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5 Inexpensive Gifts for Your Recent Grads

It is that time of year when everyone seems to be graduating and starting a new chapter in their lives. If you are looking for a gift that is personalized, yet doesn’t break the bank then look no further. We have 5 of the best gifts that are perfect for any graduate!

  1. A Personalized Picture Frame!
  2. A picture says a thousand words! It is the perfect gift to capture a beautiful moment of success that does take up too much time or money! Personalized frames can be bought through places like Etsy, where someone can personalize an engraving onto the frame. They can also be bought from a craft store and be personalized with glitter and paint! Either choice is perfect for any graduate!

  3. A personalized Travel Mug
  4. Coffee and tea or staples of a good morning routine! They are perfect for any graduate who is starting a new journey at a job, more school, or looking for a the next step! It will accompany them almost daily and is a constant reminder that you were there for them!

  5. Gift Cards to their Favorite Restaurants
  6. Once the happiness of graduating subsides, loans tend to kick in! One of the best things to gift any grad is a gift card to their favorite restaurants! This will help them save money for loans and is the gift that keeps on giving!

  7. Welcome Home Gifts for a New Apartment
  8. If your new graduate is moving on to a new city or into a home, a great gift is to get a welcome home sign! This will surely go into their new place and remind them everyday of you! It is also great to acknowledge that they are moving on into a brand new and exciting situation!

  9. A New Cook Book
  10. Cook books are the perfect gift for a new grad! They are super helpful in guiding grocery shopping and can be personalized for their lifestyle! If they love Trader Joes, you can buy them the “I Love Trader Joes Cookbook” and if they are just getting into cooking you can buy them “Simple.”

All of these are personal, easy, and cute gifts that are inexpensive for any graduate! If your graduate wants something more beauty related and a little more permanent look no further than our Scarless Medspa™! At our Scarless Medspa you can feel rejuvenated with a Red Carpet Facial after years of studying!



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