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Scarless Nose

Abs Season is Coming!

Exercising and staying on a work-out regimen is one of the major complications for the common working person. Everyone wants their abdomen to look fit and in good shape for the summer, there are a variety of abdominal exercises that you can complete in order for you to start gaining muscle and getting your abs . Exercises vary from lifting weight to doing yoga but in order for you to see really good results you have to keep a good and steady workout and a clean diet regimen which can be very difficult to keep when we are working too much.

Exercises are very hard to learn and do properly, so it is very important that you understand how to do the exercise in order for you to see results and lessen the probability of injury. For example, when doing a Plank With Knee you start in a plank position, having your elbows stacked under your shoulders, then slowly and with control, lowering both knees until they almost touch the ground. After this you return to a plank position, Complete as many repeats as possible in 35-40 seconds, then rest for 15-20 seconds.

Another exercise is the Weighted Flutter Kick in this exercise you will lay on your back on a mat, and hold a single dumbbell any weight that you feel more comfortable with in your hands, you then lift your shoulders off the ground, and hold the dumbbell overhead. Raise your legs up off the ground, drive your lower back into the ground, flutter your feet in an upward and downward rhythm. Continue this process for 40 seconds, rest for 20 seconds. Thirdly, the Banded Bird Dog can help you build muscle in your abdomen as well as your glutes. To complete this exercise you have to get on all fours, with your hands stacked directly under your shoulders, wrap a resistance band around your feet but also keeping your torso still and core engaged, extend your right arm out in front of you, and your left leg straight behind you. Then, bring your right elbow and left knee in underneath your torso until they touch. Repeat this exercise on both sides left and right and this complete one whole repeat. You can complete as many repeats as possible in 40-45 seconds, then rest for 20-25 seconds.

However, if you want to obtain faster results and are urged to get the abs you want , you can come visit us at our ScarlessMedSpa™. We offer the newest laser there is for building muscle with NO DOWNTIME! It is called the BTL Emsculpt , this is a laser that targets certain areas but more commonly the glutes and abdomen to get rid of body fat and create muscle in those areas. Emsculpt utilizes a high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology that is non invasive to your body. The HIFEM technology allows your body to obtain a supramaximal muscle contraction that is not achievable through regular workouts. The deep muscle contractions penetrate into the layers of fat and muscle to help build muscle and kill fat permanently. The Emsculpt allows your body to build muscle and kill fat without anesthesia, needles, or any down time at all, it also eliminates 19% of fat and builds 16% more muscle fibers. It has also been clinically tested and peer reviewed seven times demonstrating that the process results in increased muscle volume and density. The procedure works on both women and men and it targets the areas of the abdomen and the buttocks to define and build the areas. The treatments are 30-45 minutes each with a minimum of 4 sessions scheduled over a two week period. To notice results it usually takes about two to four weeks to notice and final growth and sculpting takes 4-6 months . Please call us at 310.276.1703 or email us at info(at)scarlessnose(dotted)com for more information! We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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Dr. Deepak Dugar

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