Are plant based burgers really better for you?

Vegetarian burgers have always been on the market, but many have complained that you can tell they are vegetables. In the last couple of years, food scientist have created brands like the Impossible burger and the Beyond Burger. These two brands mimic the taste and aroma of meat, and they even bleed like real meat does. We know that plant based alternatives are better for the environment, but are they truly better for us? 

Type of Burger Calories Saturated Fat Protein  Sodium  Other Nutritional Details 
Impossible burger 240  8 grams  19 grams 370 mg cholesterol free 
Beyond Burger 250  6 grams  20 grams  390 mg cholesterol free 
Lean Beef Burger 280  9 grams  ~20 grams ~70 mg  
Turkey Burger 220-240  4-5 grams  ~20 grams ~105 mg   
Veggie Patty  150-160  1 gram 9 grams 400 mg 

made with real veggies 

includes fiber

If you look at the chart above, they all seem fairly similar besides the pure veggie patty. If you want to eat the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger because it is better for the environment and it tastes like meat, then I say go for it! Health wise though, they are too similar in calories and saturated fat, but way higher in sodium. They all have benefits and disadvantages, and everyone should be able to make the choice based on taste and health! 

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