Are you Bikini Season ready?


Summer is around the corner and you know what they say, summer bodies are created in the winter time! Let's talk about how you can increase your health and enjoy the body you can achieve. Cardio is one of the ways you can tone your body, with at least 15-30 minutes of intense interval training, which can be done at your local high school track, your favorite canyon or even around the block. With this exercise you are conditioning your body: mentally by helping reduce stress and physically by burning off calories. It is also the most difficult choice to pick because it requires a lot of willpower to get up and get going.


But if going alone is making you hinder away there's another option, you and your bff can join a Pilates class together! Pilates is beginning to be everyone’s go-to workout class because it tones your body and it includes some aspects of yoga. Pilates amplifies your core muscles, as well as, muscle strengthening in your hips and buttocks. Another benefit of this class is that it enhances lung capacity and circulation with deep breathing. Pilates classes should be taken at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 45 minutes. Anyone can join a class no matter what strength level you are starting out at. 


In order to develop a strong lean body we need to understand that every muscle needs to be trained appropriately. Our next exercises target our upper bodies. In order to keep your arms toned we recommend for beginners doing the traditional arm curls with a dumbell. The weight of the dumbell can range from 10-30 pounds on each arm. You can start at 12 repetitions on each arm with 2-3 sets, with a formation of having your back straight and chest up, bringing one arm down followed by the other. For those of you who want something a little more challenging you can use a machine and do cable tricep bar, in this exercise you are pulling down the cable and slowly bringing it back up to your chest. You can adjust the weight depending on what your body is trying to achieve. This workout is beneficial to your arm strength and completes the full body circuit training. Generally speaking, you should work out 3-5 days a week to reach your goal!


However, finding time to squeeze a quick gym session or workout class can be exhausting. If you’re like us, coming back from a busy day of work, all you want to do is lay down and netflix binge. So if you don't have the time or the energy, but still want a body for summer then come on in to our facility to get a consultation about our lasers! With our non surgical laser Emsculpt, you are able to build muscle and sculpt your body in ways that exercising can’t. With this procedure deep muscle contractions perforate into the layers of muscle and fat to create muscle and kill fat. The benefits of this procedure is, it targets the abdomen and buttocks to tone the areas. We also have our FX body laser which reduces stretch marks and cellulite by smoothing and contouring your skin. Call our office today to find out more about our exciting and quick procedure to give you that body you deserve. 


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Dr. Deepak Dugar Director of Scarless Nose Institute of Beverly Hills

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