Are you ready for Valentines Day!

If you are in a relationship:  

1) Buy your significant other a book they will enjoy 

You might see something that they enjoy before they do! A book is very personal and keeps on giving after Valentines Day! 

2) Take them to their favorite restaurant

Nothing says "I love you" like good food and good company! Extend the invite to your favorite restaurant and maybe they will love it just as much as they love you!

3) Buy tickets to a fun event 

This is a great idea because Valentines Day will be extended to that great event that both of you will enjoy! 

4) Picnics

Picnics are romantic, cheap, and always memorable! You can take adorable pictures at sunset in your favorite at home spot! 

5) Go on a Hike 

Hikes are a great way to spend time together, get exercise, and celebrate love all in one place! Nature always makes you appreciate the little things, and having love is something that should be appreciated! 


If you are single: 

1) Buy yourself a gift you have been looking at!

Whether it is a new shirt, a book, or even a trip treat yo self on this wonderful Valentines Day! Use this day to figure out how you want to love yourself! 

2) Take yourself and some friends to your favorite restaurant

Galentines Day can be celebrated on February 13th or February 14th! The best way to celebrate any holiday is surrounded by people you love and food you enjoy! 

3) Have a Wine Night! 

Sipping wine with your best friends, popcorn, and a good movie is a great way to celebrate Valentines Day. These nights are always memorable, yet hard to coordinate with all of your friends schedules! Use this night as an excuse to eat well and drink well!

4) Make Valentines for your Co-Workers

The people that you spend the most time worth are often your coworkers. Show them how much you care with cookies or small valentines! 

5) Buy yourself and parents flowers! 

Fresh flowers are proven to boost your mood when they are in the home! Take a stroll and buy some flowers for yourself and for your parents! 

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