Benefits of having a workout buddy!

There are many reasons why exercising every week can be beneficial to your health, but finding the motivation and the right exercise is always difficult. 

Having a workout buddy whether it is your bff, your neighbor or your significant other can be a good motivator to put on some cute workout clothes and start that grind. One of the hardest parts of working out is finding the time and the motivation to actually start working out. One of the benefits of having a buddy is holding someone else accountable. This way, if one of you bails on workout plans the other one has the opportunity to convince them to keep the workout. 

Another great reason to have a workout buddy is to revamp your workout routine. Many people get stuck in the same workout routines that feel comfortable and easy. This tends to lead to people overworking certain muscle groups and neglecting other muscle groups. When you have a workout buddy, one person might know a different routine or want to explore a new workout class altogether. This way you can both tone different areas of the body. 

Finally, another great reason to have a workout buddy is to enjoy the workout. Even though, science says that working out produces the "happy" chemicals, many people do struggle to enjoy their workouts because they are focused on results. When you workout with another person, it is time for bonding and it makes you enjoy the process not just anticipate the results. 

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