Best Supplements for Hair Growth

Hair loss is an insecurity that many individuals may feel. It can affect people of all different age ranges. Whether it is just simple shedding or complete thinning of the hair, hair loss is something that many people experience in their lifetime. There are certain nutritional components that can prevent or even help early onset stages of hair loss. In this blog we are going to talk about these components, how they can help, and where to find them in your diet. 

One component that has been directly linked to hair loss in women and men is iron. Iron deficiency is a huge risk factor of hair loss. The reason is that iron is what produces hemoglobin. Hemoglobin transports the oxygen needed in your body for growth and repair. Increasing your intake of iron will increase your the growth and repair of your hair cells. Foods that are high in iron include red meat, spinach, and oysters. 

Another important componenet to hair growth is biotin. Biotin is one of the only hair loss treatments that have been shown significant hair growth. Biotin helps your keratin infrastructure, and keratin is the an important protein in your hair structure. However, biotin will only help with hair growth if you are deficient in biotin. Biotin can be found in whole grain foods, leafy greens, and seafood. 

Vitamin A keeps your hair shiny and moist. Diets that are deficient in vitamin A can lead to hair loss. You can find vitamin A naturally in carrots, sweet potatos, and kale. Be aware that the amount you intake is in the daily value because excess in vitamin A can also cause hair loss. 

Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A are all important for hair protection because they are antioxidants. This means that they will protect the hair follicle and thus maintain the hair growing. 

Vitamin D is found in low levels can lead to thinning of the hair. Vitamin D has also been linked to forming new hair follicles. Vitamin D can be acquired by sitting in the sun 20 minutes everyday, by eating mushrooms, and by eating fatty fish. 

If you try or have tried any of these remedies for your hair and they have not worked please know that there is still hope! You can always come into our clinic for a Hair Restoration Procedure. We will take your blood and spin it down to get platelet rich blood plasma that has your natural growth factors and we will inject it into your scalp to regrow and strenghten your hair! Please call us at (310) 276-1703 for more information! We look forward to hearing about your hair journey! 


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