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What Are The Medical And Cosmetic Uses Of Botox? – Dr. Deepak Dugar

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People all around the world are asking, what is botox and what are its medical and cosmetic uses? When the general population thinks of Botox, they first think of it’s cosmetic uses first; to limit or erase the way the wrinkles on the face look. While reducing wrinkles is known as the most popular reason people all around the globe are getting botox, the general population might not know that botox (or neuromodulators), also have many medical uses. A few of these uses include helping people find relief of migraines, muscle spasms, and much more. Dr. Dugar, Beverly Hills-based celebrity plastic surgeon, is an expert in subtle botox injections that don’t leave his patients looking like they got ‘work’ done. Dr. Deepak Raj Dugar is able to provide his patients with these neuromodulator injections, that relax the muscles causing fine lines, or overactive muscle aches.

Many patients come from all over America, and even globally, to visit Dr. Deepak Dugar in the heart of Los Angeles’s plastic surgery epicenter: Beverly Hills. Dr. Dugar is a skilled facial injector of botox and fillers, he tends to his patients from the Los Angeles area and Hollywood celebrities alike. Dr. Deepak Dugar’s detailed knowledge of each muscle on the face is what makes him so sought-after for patients who want relief from their medical symptoms with Botox, or want to diminish the look of their wrinkles with the help of Dr. Dugar’s light hand.

One of the most popular medical reasons that patients flood into Dr. Dugar’s office for botox is for help achieving relief of their migraines. Botox injections help Dr. Dugar’s patients who constantly live with chronic migraines by injecting small amounts of botox in the forehead near the areas where patients feel the pain of headaches. The botox injections relax the muscle and limit the nerve endings causing the sensation of pain in the times patients would get migraines. Most of Dr. Dugar’s patients’ who come to him to receive botox for the relief of their headaches and migraines, feel complete relief and never experience another migraine, with maintenance.

In addition to nerves that cause pain, botox injections can also help in the areas you have a large amount of sweating. Dr. Dugar uses botox to treat the nerves that cause the overuse of the sweat glands. This phenomenon is called hyperhidrosis, and it is commonly found on the body on the hands and in the armpits. Curious if you could benefit from botox injections to help limit the amount of sweat you experience in your hands or armpits? Set up a consultation with Dr. Dugar below to see if tiny injections of botox could help you find relief. Dr. Dugar can treat hyperhidrosis by injecting a small amount of botox and this deactivates most of the nerves that produce that excessive sweating. Up-keeping botox sessions a few times a year is needed before the nerves regenerate and sweat more again.

For his patients that are interested in looking more youthful and wrinkle-free with botox, Dr. Dugar spends most of his time outside of surgery administering botox for fine lines. While most of Dr. Dugar’s patients, and most of the population of the world, only know botox as a wrinkle reducer, they are surprised to find out all of its additional medical uses. Dr. Dugar would love to speak with you more in a consultation, on how he can use botox injections to treat muscles that cause issues like; neck spasms, lazy eye, overactive bladder, and tmj (temporomandibular joint) pain in the jaw. Consultations with Dr. Dugar are able to be booked on our website and our soonest availability is shown there on our booking platform.

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