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Scarless Nose

Can you combine Plastic Surgery Procedures

There are certain things that you have to make sure if you are going to want to combine two surgeries into one. The first thing is to make sure that you have either one surgeon who is an expert on both surgeries; or two surgeons who are both specialists in each surgery. The other thing is that certain surgeries do not complement each other, so you must ask your surgeon if they work well together.

Surgeries that work commonly together are chin enhancement or augmentation with rhinoplasty procedures. These surgeries are very easy to combine because they are in the same area and if done well make the profile elegant. They also complement each other because the surgeon can address two areas of the face that need to be harmonious. Another common two surgeries that many people combine are liposuction and tummy tuck. Most people think that that these are one surgery, but in fact they are not. Liposuction is the removal of the actual fat in the area of the stomach, and the tummy tuck removes excess skin and restitches everything together to create a great tight stomach. Together they address both issues of the stomach: excess fat and excess skin.

There are some positives to combining surgeries including less risk due to less anesthesia, recovery period is less because it is combined, and lower cost overall.

If you are looking to combine rhinoplasty and chin augmentation specifically, then call our office at 310.276.1703 or email us at info(at)scarlessnose(dotted)com. Dr. Dugar is a specialist in artisitic views of the face and he knows how to complement everything to make it look cohesive and natural.

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