Dry Shampoo for this Summer Weather!

In today's blog we talk about how you can benefit from dry hsmapoo during this warm weather.

There are 3 brands we think you might like when it comes to dry shampoo, and they all come in different price ranges. The first one is TRESemme Fresh + Clean Dry Shampoo: this shampoo is for all types of hair. And it is infused with vitamins and thankfully it does not leave any visible residue. It is quick and easy alternative during a busy morning or afternoon errands. Our next favorite one is, Batiste Dry Shampoo, Sweetie Fragrance. This alternative  can enhance the volume of your hair and can help reduce oil and grease that accumulate in your roots, you can use this shampoo in between washes.Lastly the most talked about dry shampoo is Perfect hair Day™, this shampoo is great for absorbing all of the dirt, odor and sweat we gather during our day. And it also leaves your hair a fresh and lovely scent.

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