Fun things to do at home if you’re quarantining yourself

 While many companies and work places are encouraging their employees to work from home, what are some ways you can pass the time when stuck at home?

1  Don’t forget to get your steps in! It’s important to keep moving while working from home and  walk around the house for 2 minutes every 20 seconds to avoid sitting for too long. This helps with blood flow and keeps your mind clear.

2  Cook more! Avoid getting fast food delivered which can make you feel gross and groggy. Experiment in the kitchen and cook fresh meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to keep you healthy and busy!

3  Workout from home! With YouTube and many exercise apps, working out from home is easier than ever. Set up a yoga mat in your living room or in your backyard and get your sweat on – this will help your immune system and exercise helps to decrease stress and anxiety.

4  Binge on your favorite TV shows and movies. With Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and so much more – you can watch every thing you’ve ever wanted to catch up on!

5  Break out that old gaming device! Dust off that Nintendo DS, or Wii and get your game on! With all this extra time on your hands you can re-experience how much fun you had on those Wii sports and Nintendo games!


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