Happy Watermelon Day!

There are so many benefits of eating your fruits and vegetables! Since it is Watermelon Day we wanted to highlight some of the benefits of this perfect summer snack! 

Due to the name you can probably guess that watermelon contains a good amount of water, and this inference is correct! One of the benefits of watermelon is that it hydrates you from the amount of water that it contains. 

Watermelon is one of the lowest calorie fruits as well! It contains many healthy elements like vitamin C, carotenoids (which turns into vitamin A), and other antioxidants. 

Watermelon has also been shown to improve heart health. Lycopene is another aspect in watermelon, and lycopene has been linked to lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Lycopene and vitamin C also lower inflammation and oxidative stress. Watermelon also fills you up quickly so it is great for snacking!

Bottom line, watermelon is great and should be celebrated on August 3! Whether as a snack with tajin, in an alcoholic beverage, or plain, watermelon is the best! 

You can come celebrate watermelon with us next week at the Scarless Medspa! Click here to find out everything we have to offer! 



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