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How Much Does Botox Cost?

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Botox prices for a full face of Botox can range from $500 to $1200 dollars, depending on the injector. Botox prices in Beverly Hills vary from doctor to doctor, but each Med Spa can charge per unit of botox, or per muscle if they are an established doctor.

In Beverly Hills, Dr. Deepak Dugar’s botox costs $300 for the first muscle and $200 for each additional muscle of the face. Dr. Deepak Dugar charges per facial muscle for botox, for example, the forehead facial muscle is charged at $300 and then for in between the eyebrows (the glabella muscle) that would be an additional $200 ($500 for those two muscles), and then so on and so forth for the crow’s feet, smile lines by the mouth, and neck. Dr. Dugar charges $1000 for a full face of Botox, including the platysma muscle bands of the neck that can make the face pull down and wrinkles form on the neck.

In Los Angeles, the majority of botox injectors charge per unit, at about $10 per unit, up to about $20 per unit. Sometimes Medical Spas will have specials on their price per unit, like a short-term deal of $8 or $9 per unit, but almost always require a minimum number of units to cost them a total of about $300.

A small number of the elite botox injectors are able to charge per muscle for botox areas. They are able to do so because of their skill and expertise, which allows them to charge their own price that deems appropriate for their valuable time, product, and precise hand for injecting.

Dr. Dugar encourages his patients of all ages to consider botox for its youthful benefits, while not over-injecting. Dr. Deepak Dugar wants all of his patients to leave his office, with a naturally youthful look, leaving other people not able to notice anything was done. Botox by an experienced injector is important, to give you the best results, with a much lower risk of looking frozen, expressionless, or with any wonky muscles pulling down where you want them to lift up. Dr. Deepak Dugar would love to speak to prospective clients in a consultation about the many benefits of botox, and its preventative measures it has on people who may think it might be too early for injections of those kind. With Dr. Dugar’s exceptionally gentle and detailed hand, he is able to provide botox to patients looking to get expertly injected, and natural-looking botox.

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