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How To Boss Up For The New Year!

How to boss up for 2020 text with Scraless Med Spa logo below

  1. Delete Negative People!

    I genuinely cannot stress this step enough. It’s a new year, don’t wait until the end of the year to remove the people in your life who should’ve been left behind A LONG TIME AGO. You need to understand that not everyone is meant to go on this journey of life with you. Do no harm to these people, but do not let these people step all over you!

  2. Excercise, your body loves you! 

    I can only speak on things that I have experienced, and I can honestly say that excercising is essential to a healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle. Even if it is a light stroll in the morning or evening, or a full out workout, do something that will keep your blood pumping. Whenever I work out even if I want to lay down and never get up, my body is thanking me.

  3. Go on adventures!

    It’s about to be the start of a new decade! Be adventurous! Try things you’ve always wanted to try but put off. Go to a painting class, write poetry or travel. Don’t be anything less than spontaneous, you definitely owe it to yourself. Life is short!

  4. Exfoliate!

    I know this is super random. You definitely need to feel good inside and out. Take care of your body by eating right, excercising and exfoliating. Scrub all of the negativity and stress from the day, the dead skin, the lies and anything else that you soaked in that day. It helps clear your mind and feel like a queen/king.

  5. Don’t just talk about it, do it! 

    This year is your year! If you have any type of a goal, go ahead and take the right steps to reach it, what is the hold up? Do something productive every day, you’ll be angry with yourself if you don’t. Reclaim your time and be all about you!

  6. SMILE! 

    For those of you whose 2019 wasn’t as you hoped it would, I am truly sorry. Sometimes life comes along and it feels like nothing is going right, and it sucks but if you’re still here and reading this post, you’ve made it through the bad times. Every day is NOT going to be amazing, but every day that you open your eyes is a chance to do something better and be better. It could be worse, you might as well make the best of what you have and SMILE!

  7. Value your own time!

    THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Be sure to value your own time, meaning do not stay in a situation that isn’t enriching you in any way. There are plenty of ways to become a better person every day, start by valuing yourself and every minute in the 24 hours we have each day. If you are in a negative situation, why stay around instead of doing something good for yourself?


    Loving yourself and taking care of yourself is very very important. No one can love you like you love you! This does not mean you have to walk around and not let anyone into your life, just don’t go looking for love in all the wrong places. Nobody is going to treat you better than you can treat yourself. Go for a spa day or sit and do something that you’re passionate about.

    Treat yourself and come into Dr. Dugar’s office for some filler or botox!

Dr. Dugar wishes everyone a Happy New Year!

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