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How to get into the Holiday Spirit!

This time around it is not that difficult to get into the holiday mood but if you need a kick starter we can help you!

One of our favorite things to do to help us get into the holiday spirit is going to Bath and Body Works and getting their “Twisted Peppermint” or “Vanilla Bean Noel” candles! There iconic candle smells can help you get into any mood. Another fun idea is finding a playlist on streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music where a lot of people create their own playlist or you can search for playlists based on the mood you are in.

If you love to interior decorate you can go out and shop for some holiday décor to set all around your home! There’s nothing like walking into a clean home and with fall colors all around you! And lastly, if you love delicious baked goods you can always start there! The smell of fresh baked cookies or cakes can put anyone in the holiday spirit!

If you need a little more help to get into some holiday spirit you can also start by treating yourself with some Botox or facial fillers at our Scarless Medspa™ ! In a honest and educational consultation with Dr. Deepak Dugar you can be assured that you will not leave our office with a “frozen” or “fake” look. Call or email today to book your appointment.

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