How to get your body back after pregnancy!

Being a mother is an honor to all women, yet giving birth is a major event in a woman's life and body. There are so many changes emotionally, mentally, and most importantly physically. The physical changes in your body are the most difficult for a woman to adapt to and accept. These changes can vary from stretch marks throughout your thighs, stomach, legs, arms, and breasts to retaining water. Another drastic change that labor does to your body is it stretches your skin specifically in your abdomen and vagina, which can bring many women personal issues and even cause postpartum depression because they do not feel the same anymore.

Here at Scarless Med Spa we offer a feminine laser rejuvenation which is done utilizing the Exilis Ultra Femme Laser. This laser is a non-invasive procedure which is mostly done to women who undergo a vaginal birth or their skin undergoes atrophy from aging. This amazing laser helps to tighten your vaginal muscles through radiofrequency using a 360-degree Volumetric Heating technology at a low temperature. It also alleviates patients who suffer from Dyspareunia which is pain during sexual intercourse. The patient will begin to notice results after 1 session; it is recommend to have 3 sessions, each spaced 1 week apart for flawless results. Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes and it is performed by our skilled expert female laser Nurse.



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