How To Contour Your Cheeks

Contouring can change the shape of your face and give you an instant lift without going under the knife. Using a combination of bronzer, contour, concealer, and highlight can accentuate your cheekbones and make you look more awake/refreshed. Thanks to the Kardashian’s, this craze doesn’t seem like it’s dying anytime soon and people are now learning more advanced and creative ways to enhance the shape of the face.


Contouring the face can be relatively easy and give you instant results:


Step 1. After foundation, apply concealer underneath the eyes that is about 3 shades lighter than your skin color. Apply concealer in a triangle shape that goes along the bottom of your lash line to the side your nose and blend.


Step 2. To define your cheekbones, apply a cream contour that is about 3-4 shades darker than your skin color to the hollows of your cheeks. Make sure to blend the contour going up your cheekbone and not downwards to make it blend seamlessly into the blush that will be applied later.


Step 3. Apply a heavy layer of translucent powder underneath the eye to set the concealer. This gives you a bright highlighted look that will be dusted off later.


Step 4. Apply a bronzing powder to where we just applied the cream contour blending it up the cheek. The bronzer will give the dark contour powder (will be applied next) a transition so it does not appear too harsh or dark. Next, apply the contour powder with a thin sculpted brush to the hollows of the cheek and blend it up into the bronzer.


Step 5. Apply a heavy layer of translucent powder with a wedged sponge alongside the bottom of the contour all the way to your jawline. This will define the contour even more but still looks natural and seamless. Leave the powder on for at least 10 min and lightly dust both the undereye and cheek powder off.


Step 6. While you are waiting to dust the powder off you can apply blush to the apples of the cheeks.


Step 7. This is the most important step: To give you a lifted look apply a cream highlight to the top of the cheekbone, then apply a powder highlight over top. By illuminating the top of the cheekbone, it lifts the area giving it an angled effect. * Tip: To give you subtle glow you can just use highlight powder which will give you a subtle radiance.



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