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Scarless Nose

Is Botox A Poison?

Is Botox a poison? The short answer is; yes, Botox is a toxin, but in small doses, it is not dangerous.
The bacterium Clostridium botulinum secrets a toxin that is used in low doses for Botox injections. Botox is approved by the FDA because facial injectors inject the toxin it produces, not the bacterium that secrets more toxins. This cosmetic procedure is FDA approved because the toxin is in a very small dose, and distributed at a stable concentration, and in order to administer the botox into the skin, doctors need to dilute the toxin in sodium chloride solution prior to injecting.
In a study by Nigam, et al (2010), they performed a full review of the Botulinum toxin, and its properties, including its side effects. The study showed that the toxin in some rare cases spread to other nearby muscles and tissue which could be possible depending on the injection depth and concentration. They explain that the side effects of the toxin all dissipate and resolve within a few weeks to months. One example being the temporary weakness or paralysis of a muscle that was not the desired outcome. They found that this weakness or expressionless effect of the muscle resolved in as little as a few weeks in some patients, but usually in “several months” Nigam (2010).
Famous plastic surgeon, and beloved Botox injector Dr. Deepak Dugar has patients coming from all around to receive his detailed care for youthful skin. Dr. Deepak Dugar injects 5 muscles of the face for full face of Botox to his patients, the forehead, the glabella (between the brows), the smile lines by the eyes, the laugh lines, and the neck. When Dr. Deepak Raj Dugar is not in surgery performing his closed Scarless Rhinoplasty he is injecting botox and fillers. Dr. Dugar administers the botox to his patients using tiny thin needles, using weak and diluted with NaCl (sodium chloride) solution. He injects small amounts of tiny-sized injections in the face to smooth wrinkles and provide a youthful appearance to his patients of all ages. Dr. Dugar recommends starting botox at the first sight of wrinkles, as preventative botox in your youthful 20’s and 30’s to prevent wrinkles from getting too set-in.
Thinking about if Botox is right for you, or want to hear all the risks, and benefits from Dr. Dugar himself in-person? Call us at (310)276-1703 to learn more, and schedule an appointment with us!

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Nigam, P. K., & Nigam, A. (2010). Botulinum toxin. Indian journal of dermatology, 55(1), 8–14.


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