Nail Polish 101

Choosing the perfect nail color is always the most difficult decision to make, but what is even harder is picking the BEST type of nail polish that will leave your manicure to die for!

There are a couple of things you should know before getting a manicure for example, the different types of nail polishes and the outcomes you will have. First there is a “base” and a “top” coat, the base coat is the first layer that goes on your nail before the desired nail polish it applied. Second there is a top coat in which it is applied after and its purpose is to give you mani a glamorous look and it also makes the nail polish last longer.


The three most popular nail polish types are, shellac, matte and gel. All three serve the same purpose and that is to give you a fun, chic look you will love! Let’s start with Shellac, this type of nail polish is the longer lasting one it can last up to 4 weeks and it is also known to be the most healthier one for your natural nail and it leaves you manicure with a shiny glowing result. Secondly Matte, this one's for the girls who like their style to be a little more modern or don’t want the color they picked to show too much. It has a dull finish not a shine and it ranges in color this style also lasts about a couple of weeks based on your nail growth and if there is any chipping of the nail polish. Lastly a gel manicure is my personal favorite! The bright and glowing appearance it leaves my nails I feel like a new person! It is also longer lasting it can last about 4 weeks and it is slightly difficult to remove but very worth it in my opinion.The length you want your manicure is your own preference, some girls like them short others like them medium length with a cool design like almond shape, square, or even very pointy. Whichever style of nail you prefer will look amazing with the type of nail polish and design you decide to go with.


Getting a manicure is one act of self love that you can add to your regimen every month and it is also therapeutic if you’re friends join! If you’re feeling discouraged about showing off your mani because of possible sun spots or wrinkles on your hands, just know you are not alone and we can help! In our Medspa we have a hand rejuvenation treatment where we use Hyaluronic Acid fillers and lasers that can diminish pigmentation and restore youthful contours. Book your appointment today to find out more about our treatment and how you can benefit from a life changing experience!


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