Nose Job Without The Down Time!!!

none surgical nose job

There are many reasons why people become so self conscious about their face. It can be their eyes, chin, ears, lips, but more commonly it is their nose. Many people are more likely to feel self conscious about themselves if they have a big, irregular, or long nose. That is why there are certain procedures they can undergo if they want to fix the problem to their insecurities.

We’ve all heard of the “nose job” but in medical terms it is known as a surgical rhinoplasty which is where you get your nose fixed by a surgical procedure. However, there are two ways people can do this which is by getting an open rhinoplasty or a closed rhinoplasty. Both of these surgical procedures require enough time for the patient to heal properly which usually takes up to three years for the nose to go back to normal. However these two are very different by what is done to the patient's nose and both obviously take different amount of time for wound healing and swelling or bruising to go away completely.


This might  all sound very aggressive and time consuming for those people whom have no time to take off from their jobs or for personal issues. That’s is why there is another excellent solution for this, which is getting a none surgical nose job. This is done by utilizing a safe reversible hyaluronic acid based filler like Juvederm. This none surgical procedure is best for patients who

have a minor nasal irregularity, like a small bump or asymmetry in their nose. Patients whom have had a previous rhinoplasty or any procedure done and they just want to change the appearance of the results.


This is also a great way to go for patients whom have no desire nor will to undergo a surgical rhinoplasty whether it’s an open rhinoplasty or a closed rhinoplasty. Another reason why patients turn to a non surgical nose procedure is because with this done you can actually see what your nose would probably look like if you decide to have a surgical rhinoplasty later in the future, However, in this circumstance the results are not permanent rather they are temporary, so the filler will go away in about 2 to 3 years, but there is no downtime after it has been done so you can go back to your everyday living. Here at ScarlessMedSpa™ we offer this non surgical nose job where Dr. Dugar can contour your nose to hide asymmetries or mask bumps when they are subtle and/or if you are not able to undergo surgery or simply do not wish to. This procedure is done in less than 10 minutes in Dr. Dugar’s expert hands. Call us at 310-276-1703 or email us at for more information! We look forward to hearing from you soon!




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Dr. Deepak Dugar Director of Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center - Home of the Scarless Nose™ (Closed Rhinoplasty) Director of Scarless Med Spa

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