Our Favorite Healthy Snacks!

There are alot of healthy snacks you can choose from at your favorite grocery store, but we are going to talk about our favorite healthy snacks.


Our first pick is celery with peanut butter, this healthy snack is a good option for people who  have diabetes and it is also very low in calories! Cucumber and hummus is also very nutritious by providing a good source of iron and b vitamins as well as protein. The protein gives you the feeling of satiety. This is the feeling of being full! This next healthy snack is well known for its “quick and easy” bite in between errands and it is mixed nuts. Mixed nuts are rich in unsaturated fats and have a lot of nutritional values such as, magnesium, calcium, vitamins and aid in good bone and digestive health. A hard boiled egg is not only is simple and delicious but it is also only 77 calories! And also are a great source of protein.


Lastly an alternative to self love is treating yourself with something a little more costly than a side of fruit, but that can help improve your lifestyle. Call or email to book your consultation for all of our offered non surgical procedure at our ScarlessMedSpa!

We offer all types of procedures such as botox to help with wrinkles on your forehead or crows feet around the eyes as well as help reduce the “turkey neck”. As well as facial fillers for your nose, cheek or lips.


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