Perks Of Drinking Water!

Let’s begin with explaining why we need water. The human body is approximately 70% water, and we must drink water to replenish ourselves and our cells. Water hydrates our bodies, which increase skin health, helps prevent wrinkles, and keeps our bodies healthy. The most commonly consumed water is flat water. Flat water is described as ordinary tap water or bottled water. Sparkling water is bubbly water, and it has the added benefit in aiding your digestion. Bubbles in water and soda are known for calming nausea and even relieving constipation. We don’t know what the big fuss about Alkaline water is because there is not enough research to confirm that alkaline water slows aging or regulates your blood pH. Mineral water contains magnesium and calcium which help lower blood pressure and in some cases you can buy flavored mineral water to add a slight taste to your drinking routine! Drinking water is very beneficial, but you shouldn't spend a lot of money for hydration so keep that in mind when heading to the grocery store next!  


If drinking water is not doing enough for your skin health, come by our office to try out our favorite Customized vitamin facials! These facials release essential elements such as vitamins and amino acids that hydrate your skin using painless injections. After an evaluation from Dr. Dugar your skin will leave our office with the love it was deficient in.


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