Pregnancy Side Effects

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stepping stones in a woman’s life, bringing a little human being in to the world is the most hardcore, yet magnificent phenomenon a woman can achieve. A woman's mental, emotional, and physical health is something to take very seriously during pregnancy. However, most women do not keep their good eating habits due to those crazy and weird food cravings, wanting to lay all day in bed, or simply not wanting to go out.

All of these decisions you make have either very permanent or temporary results to your body. During pregnancy every woman suffers from swelling of hands, feet, and face, which is medically known as edema. This occurs due to fluid accumulation in the woman's body so it can be ready and more elastic for when the woman is ready to push and give labor more easily. The aftermath of edema in pregnant women is that due to fluid retention your body gains much more fluid that you begin to notice weight gain, however this fluid retention will stop right after giving birth. The next five to six weeks post labor you will notice weight loss and your body will slowly go back to normal. The problem with this is that as your body initiates a process of getting back to normal during the pregnancy the fluid retention basically stretches your skin throughout your body. This results in stretch marks, varicose veins, and cellulite either around you body or in specific areas, for example your arms, face, ankles, and feet.

Preventions for abnormal fluid retention are low sodium intake and also increasing the intake for potassium and magnesium. Another way to alleviate fluid retention is to take vitamin B6 which is a combination of vitamins. However, if you desire a more rapid and permanent solution for the problem, we have a Cellulite and Stretch Mark reduction treatment which is a full Body FX laser that will leave your cellulite and stretch marks looking minimized to give you smooth and contoured skin in your abdomen, inner and outer thighs, legs, and hips. This laser uses radiofrequency energy, HV electroporation pulses and negative pressure in order to massage and vacuum the cellulite while killing the fat cells. Radiofrequency heats the skin for reduction, contraction, and body contouring. Negative pressure and HV electroporation pulses help eliminate fat cells. Each of these treatments approximately last about 30 minutes, with a recommended 6 treatments, which are spaced 5-6 days apart in each area to see excellent cellulite reduction.




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