Retinol Creams: What are they and Recommended Use

One of the products that has gotten the most advertisements lately is Retinol Cream. They are in every beauty store, all over social media, and everyone is talking about them. The problem is that many people do not know what they are, what their benefits are, or even how to use it properly. The term retinoid refers to a vitamin A derivative. Retinols have been used to help with skin care since the 70’s, but they are getting revamped. Retinol has been shown to unclog pores, boost collagen, reduce wrinkles, even out skin discoloration, and even smoothen the skin. Retinoids also remove the upper layer of skin which makes the next layer of skin look even younger.


One of the main issues that people do not understand about retinol creams is the strengths. There are three different strengths of retinol creams that are on the shelf. Retinol creams that are very high in strength only need to be used at max three times a week. If used in excess retinol creams can thin out the skin. Many of my patients come in to the office to talk about retinols and one of the main things that they say is that they are using it every day. I always make sure to educate them on the proper way to utilize them as to not cause damage. The number one reason I recommend retinol creams to my patients is for undereye discoloration. I recommend Ayur-Medic Retinol Cream for my patients.

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