Sesame Allergy Rates are Increasing!

About one million people in the United States are now allergic to sesame. One risk of this is that it is not identified on many nutrition labels as an allergy risk. 

The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2014 only requires that labels warn against the top eight allergies. However, more and more individuals are getting diagnosed with sesame allergies. Sesame is also in many products as hidden ingredients. 

In other countries, sesame must be labeled in their products. America is attempting to incorporate sesame onto our list of mandated reported ingredients. 

One reason why doctors believe that sesame allergies are increasing is due to our increased exposure to the product. Sesame is in many of our foods found at the grocery store now when before it was much more common to only certain cultures. 

One reason it is so dangerous is because sesame is often labeled as just "seasoning." It can also be described as tahini, Sesamum indicum, or not labeled in English. Sesame can also be put in cosmetics. 

One way to prevent the allergy from ever starting is to introduce children to sesame before the age of 6 months old. 

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