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Spooky Season Movie Ideas

  1. ) The Purge

    Even though everyone at this point knows this movie it’ll surely get you into the spooky season mood. The masks will be very familiar to viewers since about every college girl has used one of these masks as a costume idea.

    If you haven’t heard of this movie it’s is about one night a year where all crime is legal. You can kill, steal and anything else your heart desires and it is all legal. In the movie it explains that it helps everyone in the society blow off steam.

  2. ) Insidious

    If you are trying to pee your pants this is definitely your best movie option. Posession is definitely the main topic of this movie. It is about a family that moves into a new home and think that it is their house that is haunted but quickly learn that it’s their son that is possesed. This movie takes you through many jump scares. You definitely will be at the edge of your seat watching this movie.

  3. ) Nightmare Before Christmas

    A classic. That everyone should watch is all I can say about this movie. MUST WATCH.

  4. ) Silent Hill

    Based on the 1999 video game Silent Hill is definitely a classic scary movie. It is based on a couple whose adopted daughter has episodes where she sleepwalks and talks. During her episodes she often talks about a ghost town called Silent Hill. The mother Rose then takes her daughter Sharon to Silent Hill where she and a concerned police officer become trapped in an alternate reality of ash and scary looking dead nurses. While Chris the father search for his wife and dauther in the real world, Rose conducts a parallel investigation into the horrific truth of Sharon’s history in Silent Hill.

  5. ) Halloweentown

    Another classic. I feel like every 17 to 20- something year old has watched this movie. Honestly it is a must watch for everyone. This movie follows the life of a girl named Marnie Piper who finds out she is a witch. Her grandma Aggie teaches her everything she needs to know about being a witch and shows her granddaughter a town called “Halloweentown.” This town is where all mystical creatures can lead a somewhat “normal” life. There is several movies in this series and all of them are as good as the first.

  6. ) A Quiet Place

    This movie takes place in the year 2020 and depicts a sort of post-apocolyptic world. But it’s not zombies that take over, instead it’s these really creepy creatures that hunt humans. The only way that they are able to track humans is based on sound. This movie follows a husband and wife who try to protect their kids by living in silence.

    Halloween is the only day of the year where binge watching scary movies is tolerable, so don’t feel bad if you don’t have any halloween plans. There’s nothing better than relaxing in the own comfort of your home. So sit back and relax with a fun scary movie. And if you need help with some plans, come to our Scarless Medspa™ for a free and educational consultation on our non surgical as well as surgical procedure.

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