Top 10 Things to Know Before Getting A Rhinoplasty

1) Are there different types of rhinoplasty? 

There are two types of rhinoplasty. There is open and closed "scarless" rhinoplasty. An open rhinoplasty is when surgeons make a tiny cut at the bottom of the nose and lift the skin to work. This is necessary for revision rhinoplasty or people who have serious trauma. Then there is closed scarless rhinoplasty. A closed rhinoplasty is when all of the cuts and incisions are made inside the nose so there is no risk of long term scarring. 

2) Are there surgeons that specialize in only rhinoplasty?

Yes, there are surgeons that specialize in rhinoplasty. However, they are very hard to find so do your research!

3) Does is hurt? 

Generally it is not a painful procedure, but it is an uncomfortable procedure. 

4) Should you do it if you are searching for perfection? 

If you are looking for perfection, you should not get a rhinoplasty. A rhinoplasty is about bringing harmony to your face not creating the perfect nose. 

5) Will this bring me happiness? 

This will not bring you eternal happiness, but it will increase your confidence!

6) What's the biggest regret people have? 

The biggest regret most people have is that they do too much to their nose. 

7) Can bad nosejobs be fixed? 

Skilled rhinoplasty surgeons can fixed botched nosejobs. 

8)Why do prices range so dramatically?

The quality of the surgeon and the work is what makes it range. 

9) Can it help my breathing? 

Yes, you can fix your breathing while getting an aesthetic change to your nose. 

10) How long is the healing process? 

It takes about one week with a cast, and 6 weeks to go back to all normal activities. 


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