Top 5 Places to Take Photos in Los Angeles!

1) Griffith Observatory is one of the best spots in LA to get an aerial view of the entire city. You can see downtown LA, Beverly Hils, and more. You can either drive to the top to see the amazing views or you can hike up to the views! Either way they are just as breathtaking when you get there!

2)LACMA "URBAN LIGHT" Lacma is home to some of the most famous art in the world. You can go inside the museum to enjoy the art, but the outside has art that you can take pictures of and with! The Urban Light statues are the best at any time of the day. The morning glow, golden hour, and even at night all hold a different beauty to be captured for the best Instagram Post. 

3) Santa Monica Pier. The Santa Monica Pier has been featured in so many movies and television shows. You might have seen the Santa Monica Pier in "Hannah Montana: The Movie," "Forest Gump," and even "Titanic." It is one of the most travelled to spots in Los Angeles. The Pier is perfect for any picture!

4) Trail behind the Hollywood Sign. There are a few trails in the Hollywood Hills that allow you to travel to the back of the sign. This gives a very edgy and different perspective than views from Griffith. 

5) Angels Gate Park This is a hidden little area where it also has a giant Korean Bell. It is called the Korean Bell of Friendship and it also contains amazing views. 


All of these picture perfect areas are definitely going to bring some excitement to your photos. They are also amazing ways to see this beautiful city and all of the gems it has to offer. You have to make sure that not only is the location and view great for the photo, but that you also look great! Come on in to the Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center™ to get all of the botox and facial fillers to make sure you look better than the views! 


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