Working out has never looked so good!


if you’re like us, finding the will to take a workout class or to run a couple miles a day can seem like the impossible. Summer is around the corner and now is the time to create the body you want to show off!

Let’s start with our personal favorite, Lululemon! We love the comfy and body fitted workout pants, and at lululemon they offer a variety of products that fit every size and style. The pants are super comfortable, long lasting, and stay fitted. Although some merchandise from this brand can be quite expensive, the materials of their products are worth every penny!

Lululemon Tight Stuff Tight II Online Only 25"

Our next brand is also a household name and that is alo. This brand has created a charity to promote healthy mental living; with each purchase they create short videos to teach children emotional and social skills in order to reduce the depression rates in young adults. How great is that?! On top of this great cause their clothing is great too! They have the most snuggly products like their tank tops that come in a variety of colors and even outer garmets like sweatshirts to wear after the workout!


You can’t go wrong with a stylish and soft sports bra! At Fabletics you will die for their sports bra that come in different colors and alternative styles that will make you feel cute and confident lifting those weights! They have ranging from moderate to high impact as well as seamless and reversible sports bras.

Tammy Low Impact Sports Bra


Last but not least, all your hardwork will have finally be paid off when you show off your bod in a cute bathing suit! Not only does Athleta sell gym attire they also have bathing suits that are recycled h2ECO swim fabric and are stretchy and built for all types of water sports.

Zuma Bra-Sized Wrap Bikini Top


If these new workout clothes in your closet are still not enough to motivate you to get sweaty, then you should come by our office for our new and non invasive procedure Emsculpt! This new laser targets the fatty areas that workouts seem to miss. It helps create abs and it gives you the butt lift you’ve dreamed of! Book your appointment today to learn about the world's only procedure that builds muscle and sculpts your body! Call or email us today to find out for yourself why all the celebrities love Emsculpt!



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