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Your Guide to Stagecoach Part 2!

Your Guide to Stagecoach part 2 official poster

Everyone knows that Stagecoach is just one large tailgate, but instead of a game at the end it is endless concerts with some of the best country stars in the world right now!

Some of the best times occur at the tailgate and every good tailgate requires good preparation!

Key factors to bring to any tailgate are good food and drinks! Food is some of the best parts of the tailgate! Whether you start your tailgate at the hotel or AirBnB, you should always come prepared with snacks! Chips and salsa, burgers, hotdogs, and even french fries are staples at any good tailgate! Make sure you bring a variety of everything to accommodate everyone! Drinks are also very important to quench everyone’s thirst from the heat! You want a variety from water to good beer!

The next key factor is games. Every good tailgate party has great games! One important tailgate game is corn hole! Corn hole is good for competition and can get many teams involved. Other good games are horse shoes and Jenga. All of these games are good for all ages. If you want over 21 years old games you can play flip cup and beer pong.

If you want to enjoy the best three-day tailgate, but don’t want it to ruin your skin then head on in to our Medspa! The sun, the oily foods, and the partying all night definitely can take a toll on your complexion and we have the best ways to make it extra beautiful to withstand all of these factors.

At our Scarless Medspa™ you can come on in for botox! Botox will combat the harsh rays of the sun and the wrinkles they cause. It will also keep your face looking young so all of those oily foods will not impact your skin’s complexion!

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Dr. Deepak Dugar

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