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Can Laugh Lines go Away?

Can laugh lines go away? Laugh lines, which are  natural lines that form on the face, are very common facial features. Though they can not be completely and permanently removed, the appearance of laugh lines can be reduced through lifestyle changes and or cosmetic procedures. Although many embrace their laugh lines, some wish to diminish their appearance for a softer or more youthful appearance. 

Laugh lines run from the sides of the nose down to the mouth. Laugh lines are not just a sign of age, they can also be genetic and are commonly seen on younger people as well. In fact, laugh lines are very common for a wide variety of ages. These wrinkles are very common because our facial muscles are very animated, smiling, talking (laughing of course!) and even blinking uses muscles that can overtime contribute to the appearance of laugh lines. 

The appearance of laugh lines can be slightly minimized by making lifestyle changes. This includes proper nutrition, getting enough sleep, and staying hydrated. Drinking water keeps your body and skin hydrated, plumping skin cells and keeping the skin looking young and youthful. Daily sunscreen usage will prevent the worsening or appearance of laugh lines as well. There are also many facial exercises or massages that can keep the facial muscles strong and taught. These exercises can also reduce the appearance of laugh lines. Though effective for many people, these home remedies for reducing laugh lines have subtle and non-immediate results. 

Some people looking to get rid of their laugh lines may consider a face lift. However, a face lift is a very complex surgical procedure. Many who are interested in reducing the appearance of their laugh lines are looking for an easier (and less expensive) solution. 

Thus, for patients seeking an easier, more noticeable and instant result, the most common treatment to reduce the appearance of laugh lines are injectable fillers. Dr. Deepak Dugar commonly treats laugh lines with filler for patients at his Scarless MedSpa clinic, where he offers a variety of non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Following his philosophy of obtaining a natural, softer look for his patients, his skill allows him to naturally reduce the appearance of laugh lines using filler. Filler from Dr. Dugar is a great option for individuals looking to soften their laugh lines and reduce signs of aging, all while still maintaining a natural look. The filler is injected with a syringe along the wrinkles, adding volume back to the area and thus reducing laugh line appearance. At Scarless MedSpa, Dr. Dugar uses safe and reversible hyaluronic acid fillers, which have no downtown and almost immediate results. The effects can last as long as six months to a year, with basically no side effects. 

Dr. Dugar, famous for his scarless closed rhinoplasty surgeries, brings his same philosophy of building on natural beauty, focusing on refinement and enhancement, from the operating room to Scarless MedSpa. See here to learn more about Dr. Dugar’s scarless philosophy, and here to learn about non-invasive cosmetic procedures offered at Scarless MedSpa. 


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