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Scarless Nose

Do They Break your Nose for Rhinoplasty?

Do they break your nose during a Scarless Nose™ Rhinoplasty?

At the Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center™, Dr. Dugar is known for his famous work with closed Scarless Nose™ rhinoplasties. Unlike an open rhinoplasty, closed rhinoplasty procedures do not require any external cuts of the nose and the entire surgical procedure is done inside of the nose through the nostrils. This way, you are left with no visible scars.

Dr. Dugar personalizes each of his closed rhinoplasty procedures to the patient’s specific desires and
anatomy. For example, if a patient is unhappy with their large dorsal hump, Dr. Dugar will suggest slightly shaving the bridge of the nose to decrease its appearance. Dr. Dugar walks each of his patients through his surgical plan for their specific nose to make sure that both he and the patient are happy with it.

Dr. Dugar does not “break the bones” like the old school method. In this old school method, surgeons typically break the nose with a hammer. For patients who need their nasal bones to be narrowed, Dr. Dugar would perform what is called an osteotomy. During an osteotomy, Dr. Dugar uses microscopic instruments to make tiny cuts in the bone and repositions the bones very delicately. With this technique, Dr. Dugar is able to carefully cut off pieces of the nasal bone in a controlled manner in order to produce a slimmer appearance. Osteotomies are very common for Dr. Dugar’s Scarless Nose™ (closed rhinoplasty) patients and in rhinoplasties in general.

He has worked with a variety of anatomically unique noses, which has allowed him to truly perfect his
craft. Osteotomies are minimally invasive and are very common among rhinoplasty patients.

Feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or concerts! We are more than happy to help and if you are considering closed rhinoplasty we can book a consultation for you to speak with Dr. Dugar himself.
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Dr. Deepak Dugar

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