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Does Closed Rhinoplasty Heal Faster?

Does closed rhinoplasty heal faster?

Does a closed rhinoplasty heal faster? Because closed rhinoplasty is considerably less invasive than open rhinoplasty, closed rhinoplasty patients tend to see a faster recovery time.

Though both open and closed rhinoplasty involves surgically altering the physical anatomy of the nose, open and closed rhinoplasty are very different procedures, and thus heal differently. Open rhinoplasty can achieve dramatic change but is considered a very invasive procedure. In open rhinoplasty, incisions are made so that the skin on the nose can be completely peeled back. An advantage of this is that it allows the surgeon to have easier access to the inner anatomy of the nose. With open rhinoplasty, a surgeon can completely reconstruct the nose. However, compared to closed rhinoplasty open rhinoplasty patients experience a longer procedure length, and longer recovery period, and may have permanent scarring.

In contrast to open rhinoplasty, closed rhinoplasty is a shorter procedure with a shorter recovery time, thus our patients heal faster. Dr. Deepak Dugar is board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in closed rhinoplasty procedures. His patients tend to experience shorter recovery periods because the surgery itself is less aggressive. Closed rhinoplasty does not involve an incision across the columella which is where the scarring from open rhinoplasty tends to occur. In closed rhinoplasty, the nose remains intact. Instead of opening up the entire nose, Dr. Dugar finesses the nose through incisions inside the nostrils. From just these incisions inside the nose, a surgeon such as Dr. Deepak Dugar can create subtle, natural-looking alterations to the nose. Patients from all over the world travel to Dr. Dugar’s rhinoplasty center in Beverly Hills California seeking his skilled hand for his closed scarless rhinoplasty technique.

Healing from closed rhinoplasty is easier than many may think. For one-week post-surgery patients wear a cast to protect their nose, however, this cast is removed after just one week. Even only a few days after surgery some patients feel well enough to go on walks, see a movie, or even go out for dinner. Once the cast is off, life is back to normal. Dr. Dugar recommends for the next six months for patients to avoid strenuous physical activities such as running or other high-impact sports. This is not because patients don’t feel well enough for it, but rather, it is simply a precaution so that the body can heal the nose properly. When the cast is initially removed, the nose will still be swollen. Over the course of a year, day by day the nose will slowly shrink in size as the swelling subsides. While initial results can be seen six months after surgery, the final results may not be seen for up to three years. It all depends on the patient’s own body and how they heal.

There are some things patients can do to help their bodies recover and heal post-surgery. These include maintaining a healthy diet, and eating vitamin-rich foods that can help your body have the proper energy to heal. Dr. Dugar emphasizes the importance of icing several times a day to keep swelling down and allows the body to heal better. A patient who is diligent in icing their nose will see better results than a patient who does not follow post-surgery advice. But at the end of the day, the recovery is different for each patient and their body. A consultation with an expert is the best way to get a full, honest, and clear understanding of everything that comes with a closed rhinoplasty procedure and its recovery. To contact Dr. Dugar’s office visit here to book a consultation to discuss if closed rhinoplasty is right for you!


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