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How Long Does Closed Rhinoplasty Take?

How long does closed rhinoplasty take? On average, closed rhinoplasty procedures typically take one and a half to two hours. Length of procedure depends on a variety of factors, such as the specific alterations that are being done to the nose, and the unique physical anatomy of each patient’s nose.

So what exactly happens during a closed rhinoplasty procedure? Closed rhinoplasty is the best option for individuals seeking a subtle and natural enhancement of their nose. At Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center, Dr. Deepak Dugar, a closed rhinoplasty specialist, considers the desires of patients and their nose anatomy to determine the best enhancements for his patients. While less invasive than other rhinoplasty options, a closed rhinoplasty procedure can accomplish great things. During closed rhinoplasty Dr. Dugar can sculpt and refine the tipe of the nose,  lift a drooping tip, and shave down a large bridge bone giving a softer side profile. Dr. Dugar can even narrow the width of the nose or correct a deviated septum during closed rhinoplasty. All of this can be done with small incisions inside the nose. Closed scarless rhinoplasty results in no visible cuts or scars.

The actual timing of each part of the procedure varies with each patient. Dr. Dugar is extremely attentive to every detail of his patient’s nose, and will double check the outcome of single maneuver to ensure only his best work is completed on each and every one of his patients. The surgery ends with Dr. Dugar skillfully stitching up his incision within the nostrils. The stitches are dissolvable.

Compared to other cosmetic procedures, closed rhinoplasty surgeries are on the shorter side. The recovery period for closed rhinoplasty surgeries is relatively easier and shorter in length as well. Dr. Dugar suggest about two days post surgery to rest from any work or school. But most patients feel well enough to go on walks or out to dinner within a few days! Additionally, the cast that is placed on the nose after surgery is removed only one week after surgery. After six months patients are fully healed and can participate in any activity.

Closed rhinoplasty is a short procedure with relatively easy recovery that can have such extraordinary results for its patients. However, it is essential that individuals interested in the procedure to consult with plastic surgeons before making any final decisions. Even if an individual is not sure they want a closed rhinoplasty surgery, talking with an expert is the best way to answer any questions or alleviate any nervousness. Dr. Dugar recommends that individuals seeking out the procedure to talk to several surgeons to get different perspectives. However, it is equally as important to speak with surgeons who have your best interest in mind. Dr. Dugar carefully and extensively interviews possible candidates to ensure not only if it is safe for them to undergo the procedure, but also if their desires are feasible from a closed rhinoplasty surgery. A conservative surgeon, Dr. Dugar gives his patients an enhanced version of their natural nose. The product is the same nose, just softer and less distracting to the rest of the face.

To learn more about closed rhinoplasty, visit here. A consultation is the best way for you and your surgeon to decide if you are a good candidate for closed rhinoplasty. Book a consultation with Dr. Dugar here today!


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