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How Long Does it Take to Recover From a Nose Job?

How long does it take to recover from a nose job?
A nose job, or a rhinoplasty in the medical world, is a form of plastic surgery were the physical anatomy of the nose is altered. There are two main types of nose jobs, the first is open rhinoplasty, and the second is closed rhinoplasty. While both procedures are widely used, they also have different purposes and are different surgeries. Thus, the recovery time for the two procedures also vary.

Open rhinoplasty typically involves three incisions, one in the inner corner of each nostril, and the third between the two nostrils. This allows the surgeon to completely open up the nose, exposing the inner anatomy. Because of the exposure, during open rhinoplasty surgeons are able to do full reconstructions and more extensive alterations to the patient’s nose. On the other hand, closed rhinoplasty the less invasive option for patients looking for a more subtle, softer, natural looking nose. Closed rhinoplasty only has the two cuts inside the nostrils, thus there are no visible cuts or scars after the procedure. Because open rhinoplasty is more invasive, it tends to be the procedure with a longer recovery time compared to closed rhinoplasty. Closed rhinoplasty has less swelling and bruising, thus patients tend to experience an easier and faster recovery time.

Most surgeons are more comfortable performing open rhinoplasty. However, Dr. Deepak Dugar specializes in closed rhinoplasty. With patients coming in from all over the world, Dr. Dugar’s patients get their nose cast removed after only a week, and at that time patients are back to their normal life, school, work, or even the airplane back home.

At Scarless Nose Medspa™ in Beverly Hills, CA, Dr. Dugar recommends his patients take one week off work or school after their closed rhinoplasty surgery. However after a few days, patients tend to feel well enough to do light activities such as go on walks or eat out at a restaurant. The nose cast is removed by day seven. Then, patients are cleared to resume normal activities. Dr. Dugar only cautions patients to avoid high impact activities, such as running, until after six weeks. After six weeks the nose has almost completely healed, bones and cartilage have fused back strong enough as if it was never operated on.

While the more major changes to the nose can be seen immediately when the cast is removed, patients who have gotten a nose job will experience swelling for up to two to three years, which is how long it takes the nose to fully heal. Thus, healing and final results of the closed rhinoplasty is not completely final for a couple years. However, the natural results of Dr. Dugar’s work is well worth the wait.

If you are interested in learning if you are the right candidate for Dr. Dugar’s closed scarless rhinoplasty procedure, visit the Scarless Nose Medspa™ . If you are set on getting a nose job or are still learning, the best way to continue your nose job inquiry is in a consult with a certified plastic surgeon. In his consults, Dr. Dugar extensively interviews possible candidates to not only make sure he can achieve his patients’ goals, but also to ensure the procedure is safe to carry out. Valuing honesty and safety, Dr. Dugar is praised for turning possible candidates away if he deems that his work is not what is best for that individual. See here to learn more about Dr. Dugar’s surgery philosophy, and here to book a consultation to discuss if closed rhinoplasty is right for you.


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