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Scarless Nose

How Much do Your Lips go Down After Filler?

Besides his expertise in his closed scarless nose™ rhinoplasty, Dr. Deepak Dugar also performs injectables in his Scarless Medspa™. In his Scarless Medspa™, patients can receive injectables such as botox and hyaluronic acid filler.

Dr. Dugar uses a hyaluronic acid filler for his lip filler patients. Dr. Dugar uses numbing to decrease any possible pain or discomfort from the actual injection itself. Just like his surgery patients, Dr. Dugar approaches his Scarless medspa patients with the same conservative mindset. Dr. Dugar ensures that even with his injectables, he is extremely precise and is still maintaining his patient’s natural and unique features.

When receiving lip filler, Dr. Dugar will make several small injections throughout the entirety of the lips to evenly distribute the filler. It is normal for lips to be swollen or slightly bruised for about 2-3 days following the injection. This swelling subsides on its own and ice can lightly be applied to the lips to help decrease the swelling and diminish any discomfort. Once the initial swelling of the lips has subsided, the final results of the filler will be present and visible.

Hyaluronic acid is naturally made within the body. Because of this, the body will naturally dissolve hyaluronic acid filler on its own as time progresses. Lip filler will typically last roughly 6-12 months, more or less, until it is completely dissolved. After about 6 months, you will notice your lips to start subsiding and going down slowly as time goes on. If the lips are never retouched with more filler, eventually the body will dissolve all of the filler in the lips and the lips will go down to their natural state in which they were before receiving any filler.

When lip fillers dissolve, the lips will simply take back to their original shape. Although this may take a few months to happen naturally, the lips will never become smaller than their original size before filler. Hyaluronic acid filler is very safe and effective when administered by a trained professional like Dr. Dugar himself.

If you are curious to know if you would be a good candidate for lip filler, make a consultation appointment today at our Scarless Medspa™ to speak with Dr. Dugar about injectables. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact our office and we will be more than happy to assist you!

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