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Is a Nose Job Worth it?

Whether a nose job is “worth it” is a subjective question that will vary on a case by case basis. Not only is everyone’s nose different, but everyone’s discomfort with their nose is different, making its capacity to improve based on this also different. Three main factors are important in recognizing whether a nose job will truly be ‘worth it” for you.

First, do you have realistic goals and expectations? Essentially, is your nasal anatomy capable of achieving the changes you desire? Plastic surgeons are talented individuals but only so much can be carried out by surgery within a threshold of safety. When considering a nose job, It is important to seek improvement and not perfection–as perfection is arbitrary and virtually unattainable.

Second, are you consulting the right surgeon for yourself? It is crucial to study your rhinoplasty surgeon’s previous work and assure that you are impressed and comfortable with his/her work in the past. Assessing if previous noses they have operated on look like yours and have achieved the same goals you would like to achieve is a valuable use of resources. Additionally, make sure you trust your surgeon and feel comfortable with discussions you have had with them regarding the execution of your hopes and desires.

Lastly, are you proceeding with the appropriate type of surgery for your nasal anatomy and needs? Understanding the difference between closed or open rhinoplasty is vital. If you are happy with the integrity of your nose and just want subtle tweaks and minor alterations, closed rhinoplasty might be the option for you. At Scarless Nose ™ Dr. Dugar’s entire practice is closed nose rhinoplasty.

On the other hand, a desire for a complete reconstruction of your nasal anatomy or more complicated changes may make you a better candidate for open rhinoplasty. The biggest thing to take away from this is going into a nose job after a full understanding of your options will help you maximize whether it is “worth it” or not.

We live in a very innovative environment where there are many different options catered to many different needs. When it comes to a nose job, it’s important to explore what is best for you! If you are an individual who has been considering getting a nose job for a while it will be extremely worth it for you to consult with your surgeon of interest and see what your options are. A surgeon’s expertise and evaluation of your nose and desires will be valuable in determining whether a nose job will be “worth it”.

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