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Is Closed Rhinoplasty Permanent?

Is Closed Rhinoplasty Permanent?

At Scarless Nose™ , Dr. Deepak Dugar works carefully with each of his patients to personalize a surgery plan for their specific wants and needs. Dr. Dugar specializes specifically in closed rhinoplasty surgeries.

As opposed to open rhinoplasties, closed rhinoplasties are less invasive and do not require any external incisions. This leaves the patient with zero visible scars and recovery time is often easier than that of open rhinoplasties. Just like open rhinoplasties, closed rhinoplasties are in fact permanent. A rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure which permanently changes the nasal bone structure and shape. This is different from semi-permanent alternatives such as nose filler, which often dissolve within a year or two.

Since closed rhinoplasty is a permanent procedure, Dr. Dugar makes sure you are fully comfortable with your personalized surgery plan and procedure before your surgery date.

In order to ensure you are fully ready to receive a closed rhinoplasty, you will come into our Scarless Nose™ office for a full nose consultation. During this consultation, Dr. Dugar will inspect the nose and several photos will be taken of your nose and face. After this you will be able to discuss your wants and needs with Dr. Dugar. He will then go over your photos with you and give his personal opinion and recommendations for your nose. Dr. Dugar will go over this information with you until you and him both agree and decide on the best plan of action for your closed rhinoplasty surgery.

After meeting and speaking with Dr. Dugar and formulating your personalized surgery plan, you will get
a chance to speak to our surgical coordinator. Here you will be able to ask any more questions you may
have of the surgery process and preparation. The surgical coordinator will be able to schedule a date for
your surgery that works best for you. She will walk you through all the specific steps you must take
before your surgery, including pricing, payment, pre-operative care, after-care and more.

Since the surgery is permanent, we want to ensure that you have all of your questions and concerns asked and answered before your surgery date. It is crucial that both you and Dr. Dugar are on the same page about your surgery plan to ensure you receive your desired results. Dr. Dugar takes a very conservative surgical approach for all his patients, to ensure that you receive your desired results while still maintaining the unique character of your nose.

The best way to know if closed rhinoplasty is a good option for you is by scheduling a consultation
appointment with us to speak to Dr. Dugar personally. If you have any other questions and concerns,
please feel free to contact us and our office will be happy to help!

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