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Taboo Around Ethnic Rhinoplasty

World-renowned rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Deepak Raj Dugar, is famously known for his closed rhinoplasty procedures. Here at Scarless Nose™, located in Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Dugar concentrates on a conservative approach to rhinoplasty, specializing each individual patient’s nose to their desired shape while maintaining and enhancing their unique beauty and features.

Dr. Dugar was recently featured in an article in Essence Magazine, which dives into the stigma around rhinoplasty in the black community. The article brings light to the fact that many plastic surgeons have been classically trained to perform rhinoplasties in order to obtain the “ideal” caucasian nose. However, many in the black community, as well as other ethnic communities, are often skeptical of the procedure, fearing that a rhinoplasty will take away from their natural ethnic beauty.

In the article, Dr. Dugar explains that as a closed rhinoplasty surgeon, he provides a safe space for people of all ethnicities to feel comfortable getting a nose job without losing uniqueness or feeling “overdone.” In the article, Dr. Dugar gives his unbiased and non judgemental input on this stigma around rhinoplasties in the black community. He explains that each patient’s facial structure is different and a rhinoplasty should be personalized to this unique structure. Dr. Dugar also explains the steps of action that patients should take before getting a rhinoplasty, including doing their own research on different types of plastic surgeons and the kind of work that each one does.

To learn and read more about this subject, feel free to read the full article which is linked below and available on Essence’s website. If you have any questions about closed rhinoplasty, feel free to call our office and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have or book you a nose consultation to speak to Dr. Dugar himself!

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