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What is Hair PRP Treatment?

What is hair PRP treatment? Hair PRP treatment is a non surgical procedure to address hair loss. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma and accelerates growth in the body. Dr. Deepak Dugar uses PRP to stimulate new hair growth at his MedSpa facility in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. PRP hair treatment aids in natural hair growth by increasing the blood supply and healthy cells to the injected targeted area. 


Platelets are found in blood, along with red and white blood cells. In the human body platelets promote growth and healing when the body is injured. Because some hair loss is due to damaged hair follicles, scientists believe that a patient’s own platelets can be used to restore these damaged hair follicles. PRP can even be used beyond hair regrowth, many doctors use PRP to treat injuries sustained to muscles, tendons, and ligaments. 


So how does hair PRP treatment work?


At Dr. Dugar’s Scarless MedSpa, the preparation and procedure of this hair loss treatment is fairly straightforward. First, a medical professional withdraws a sample of blood from the individual’s arm who is getting the PRP treatment. Then the patient’s blood is put into a centrifuge, a machine that separates platelets from other blood components. Using a syringe, Dr. Dugar uses a syringe to inject the patient’s very own platelets into the targeted area of hair loss. The entire treatment usually only takes about thirty to forty minutes, and most patients have no down time and can return to their normal activities the moment they step out of the MedSpa! Ideal candidates for PRP hair treatment are individuals who have mild hair thinning. 


Because Dr. Dugar uses the patient’s very own platelets, there is little reaction to the platelet solution itself. However, some patients may experience some mild pain at the injection site, tenderness at the scalp, and swelling. There may be additional bleeding at the injection site, but is minimal and temporary. In fact, the greatest risk for side effects are from the anesthetic your doctor will use. However, this can be avoided by communicating with your doctor before your procedure about any allergies. 


PRP hair treatment patients will not see results after one, even two sessions. Results will only be seen after multiple sessions over the period of time suggested by their doctor. Dr. Dugar recommends at least four separate treatments, about one month apart. Patients will first see a decrease in hair thinning and loss, followed by an increase in hair thickness and eventually hair length.


Patients interested in PRP hair treatment can visit Dr. Dugar’s Scarless MedSpa site to learn more about his non-surgical procedures. Though not considered dangerous and non-invasive, it is still critical that PRP treatment is carried out with a medical professional. At Scarless Med Spa PRP is a great option for individuals seeking out a natural approach to treating early or mild hair loss. However, the best results will be seen when patients combine PRP treatment with other hair thinning programs, such as nutrition and doctor prescribed medication. 

You can book your consultation with Dr. Dugar through this link: to get more information about your PRP treatment and to discuss your needs in details with Dr. Dugar.


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