Dr. Dugar is excited to offer the newest LASER innovation: BTL Emsculpt!

Target areas: Abdominal Muscle etching (creation of Abs) and Gluteal Augmentation (Butt Lift) 

Emsculpt is the world’s first and only procedure that actually builds muscle and sculpts your body to help patients get rid of that pestering fat that workouts seem to miss. Emsculpt uses high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology that is non invasive to your body. The HIFEM technology allows your body to perform supramaximal muscle contractions that is not achievable through regular workouts. The deep muscle contractions penetrate into the layers of fat and muscle to help build muscle and kill fat permanently.  

The Emsculpt allows your body to build muscle and kill fat without anesthesia, needles, or any down time at all. The Emsculpt eliminates 19% of fat and builds 16% more muscle fibers. It has been clinically tested and peer reviewed seven times demonstrating that the process results in increased muscle volume and density. 

The Emsculpt works on both women and men. It targets the areas of the abdomen and the buttocks to define and build the areas. Anyone age 18+ can benefit from Emsculpt. The treatments are 30 minutes each with a minimum of 4 sessions scheduled over a two week period. Results take two to four weeks to begin showing and final growth and sculpting takes 4-6 months . Please call us at 310-276-1703 or email us at info@scarlessnose.com for more information! We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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