Skin Tightening Lasers


Exilis Ultra 360 is a one of kind laser that uses combined radio frequency and ultrasound technology to target the body and the face. It uses this combined technology to tighten the skin and muscles throughout the face and body. It does this by penetrating deep into the skin tissues and stimulating collagen. The collagen in the skin tissues gets revamped and thus tightens the overall appearance of the skin. The combined technology also melts fat away by permanently killing the fat cells. Because of this renowned technology, it is the desired choice for celebrities and models alike. They travel all across the globe to our clinic for the fantastic results. Patients need 6-8 treatments on an ongoing weekly basis. Each treatment lasts around 15-30 minutes each session depending on the particular area. The entire treatment is non-invasive, safe, and effective without any pain or downtime. Patients will start to see results after one session, but multiple sessions are required to see optimal results.

The ReFirme laser will help tighten the skin for individuals with loose skin or increased skin laxity. This laser uses radiofrequency energy that noticeably tightens the skin laxity instantly through the contraction and shrinking of the collagen fibers with continuous production and tightening of collagen. You can begin to see results after just one treatment. Each treatment lasts approximately 1 hour with recommended 2-3 sessions, spaced 4-6 weeks apart for longer lasting results.


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