Facial Contouring (Facial Fillers)


Using safe reversible hyaluronic acid based fillers like Juvederm, Dr. Dugar can enhance the contours of the face whether to create more prominent and contoured cheekbones on a young actress or to lift a sagging face of a loving grandmother. Dr. Dugar is called the “sculptor” by his patients who love his natural and subtle technique of facial sculpting. Due to his natural demand, Dr. Dugar likes to do only a little bit each session, in order to keep the results natural and subtle. Fillers for facial contouring can be used to enhance the cheekbones or jawline, rejuvenate hollow temples, rejuvenate wrinkled foreheads, and lift the face for older patients. Dr. Dugar has learned the expert techniques of Facial Contouring from the world’s greatest experts: Dr. Raj Kanodia and Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh. Dr. Dugar takes the same approach to faces as he does to noses. He also uses a special technique to reduce any pain or discomfort which allows it to be much more comfortable for his patients. This procedure takes less than 30 minutes in Dr. Dugar’s expert hands. Results last 12 months. No downtime after the procedure.  


Using fillers in the cheeks to accentuate the contours of the face, creating contoured cheekbones. (Patient also post 1 session of Clear and Brilliant Laser)

Filler in the Nasolabial folds (laugh lines) for natural facial sculpting and to decrease lines

1.5 cc of Juvederm Voluma to contour and enhance the jaw line

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Scarless Rhinoplasty

Closed Scarless nose rhinoplasty


scarless functional rhinoplasty




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