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Whether you are considering changing the shape of your nose or just fixing the breathing from your nose…or both, we are glad you are here.  We hope you find this site a tremendous educational resource for the options available to you today. It is very hard to find the best nose surgeons today especially in the world of marketing, PR, social media, paid advertisement, and over-hype. But we don’t believe these things make the strong foundation of a good Rhinoplasty practice.  

It’s important to know you aren’t alone. There are more than 220,000 rhinoplasty surgeries performed every year in the United States. But unfortunately, over 50,000 of them are revision surgeries, so picking the right surgeon the first time is extremely important.

Success in Rhinoplasty is truly based on mastery of your surgeon. Mastery is only achieved when total dedication and concentration is given to a task, whether it's playing soccer, playing the piano, or performing rhinoplasty. When a pianist decides to master the piano, there is a 99% chance she will forgo playing all other instruments and purely dedicate herself to the piano.  When a soccer player decides she wants to train to go professional, she will forgo playing all other sports and purely dedicate herself to soccer.  However, when surgeons decide they want to become the best at a surgery, most still perform other surgeries…and it’s usually due to a financial desire.  This is where we differ.  Like the professional pianist and soccer player, Dr. Dugar has decided to forgo all other surgeries in order to purely dedicate himself to the mastery of Scarless Noses.  

But your Success in Rhinoplasty is truly multifactorial.  There are hundreds of small variables involved in the healing of a nose postoperatively.  The overall goal is to create a functional, structurally sound, and cosmetically appealing nose that balances the face and allows you to breath better.  The goal is for your nose to blend in with the face and make your profile look more elegant without drawing specific attention to your nose, and without any external cuts or scars ever.

It is, however, important to discuss is the idea of the “perfect nose.”  Almost no one has a “perfect nose” and furthermore, even if the concept of a “perfect nose” existed it would have virtually no basis in reality or surgery.  Yes, we can create almost any shape nose– but would it match your face?  We, as a society, often see celebrities and idealize their cosmetic features without realizing part of our idealization is the aura of their lifestyle/success/fame/sex appeal – not just their nose.  So even if you think Ashlee Simpson’s nose looks amazing, it may or may not be the type of rhinoplasty that fits your face.  We are not aiming to create a “perfect nose” – just one that fits your face beautifully and allows you to breathe better – without any external cuts or scars ever.

Not every patient is a candidate for a Scarless Nose surgery.  Some major revision surgeries or reconstructive type rhinoplasties may require traditional “open” rhinoplasty.  Dr. Dugar will guide you through whether or not you are a candidate for Scarless Nose surgery openly and honestly.  Achieving the best possible outcome for your nose is far more important than whether or not you end up doing the surgery with us.  Whether it's in your best interest to undergo an “open” rhinoplasty elsewhere or to not undergo any surgery at all, we will be the first to let you know and guide you safely.

If you have never had any prior work done on your nose, you are almost always a great candidate for the Scarless Closed Rhinoplasty by Dr. Dugar.

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The Five Things I Hate About Rhinoplasty

  1. Unnecessary external cuts and scars (99% of surgeons perform “open” rhinoplasty inflicting a scar at the base of the nose)
  2. Pinched Nasal Tip (when too much cartilage is removed and/or no support is provided causing a collapse of the tip)
  3. “Ski Slope” Profile (when too much cartilage and bone is removed from the profile causing a severe scooping of the nose)
  4. “Miss Piggy” Nose (when the tip is lifted too much)
  5. Worsened or Unimproved Breathing (when nasal breathing and structural function of the septum, turbinates and nasal vales are not adequately addressed)

These five things are constantly in my mind during every consultation and every surgery.   This is where being the only surgeon in the USA whose entire surgical practice is dedicated to Scarless Rhinoplasty allows a superior advantage of finding the perfect delicate balance of meaningful refinement to a nose without drastic uncomfortable change.  Natural noses are mandatory in my practice.  

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Deepak Raj Dugar, MD - Scarless Rhinoplasty

    “Often, I will tell patients, ‘your nose looks great with your face. Don’t touch it!’ This might sound shocking from a nose surgeon, but I believe in integrity over operating. Not everyone needs surgery. And of those who do, not everyone qualifies for a scarless nose surgery (i.e. some severe revision cases or reconstructive cases). I am brutally honest with my nasal assessment, so rest assured if you are accepted as a Scarless Nose patient, it is because I am passionate and excited about the result I will deliver for you. “

    – Dr. Deepak Dugar


    “The only thing I get accused of is doing too little to a nose; and I’m totally okay with that. This accusation happens rarely but when it does, I’ll be the first to admit I’m Mr. Conservative with my scarless noses. I do noses day in and day out, so I have learned that conservatism is the safest route for natural, long lasting results that both patients and I are thrilled with for years to come.” – Dr. Deepak Dugar