Are Detoxes Healthy?

Detoxes and cleanses tend to claim that they detox and heal the body. They also claim to give your digestive system a necessary break, and to reboost your metabolism. 

There are different categories of cleanses including ones that cleanse your digestive track and your gut bacteria, ones that help the natural detoxification, and ones that are meant to replace food with liquids. They all have their desired goals, but are they actually good for you? 

In reality there is no evidence to support that cleanses improve your health the way they suggest. However, many blogs support them and establishments like Kreation and Pressed Juicery swear by them. 

Liquid only cleanses completely take out food and replace it with juices or smoothies. They can go anytime from 3 days to a couple weeks. While the juices themselves are healthy with fruits, vegetables, and antioxidants, only have juice can hurt your health. It can lead to low blood sugar, constant hunger, and irritability. 

Other cleanses that want to improve gut health by cleaning it can be very dangerous. Your gut bacteria is very special and disturbing them may cause stomach cramping, diarrhea, and vomiting. 

Many people continue to do them for weight loss purposes, but there are other ways to achieve your body goals. Come on in to the Scarless Medspa to see alternative ways to get rid of the pesky fat around your body. 


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