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Closed Scarless Nose tm Rhinoplasty Specialist

Deepak raj Dugar, md

Plastic Surgeon located in Beverly Hills, CA

A lot of surgeons are comfortable with using scarring procedures when it comes to performing Rhinoplasty, but Dr. Dugar goes above and beyond for his patients. At Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center™ located in Los Angeles, CA, Dr. Dugar offers Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty for his patients.

Closed Scarless Nose Rhinoplasty Q & A

Am I qualified for scarless nose or closed rhinoplasty?

Prior to any operation, you will need to undergo a thorough physical examination to understand the unique anatomy of your nose and other health factors that should be considered. Not everyone needs to get a nose job, but the following factors will help determine if you’re a good candidate for one:

  • Good physical health
  • Mature nasal structure (patients who are too young will not be qualified)
  • Fully developed facial features
  • Not a heavy smoker and drinker (patients need to abstain from alcohol and nicotine for at least a month before the surgery)
  • Healthy and realistic expectations about enhancing your nose
close up picture of a woman after a scarless nose job

Where can I see before-and-after photos similar to my own nose?

When contemplating surgery to change the shape of your nose, it’s highly important to visualize the changes that will impact your face permanently. You can find Dr. Deepak Dugar’s scarless nose job case studies here.

This extensive archive of before-and-after photos shows you real-world results on actual people who were cleared to undergo closed rhinoplasty. You’ll find a variety of nose types and serious issues that Dr. Dugar addressed, from bulbous and droopy noses to deviated septum.

What is the difference between “open” and “closed” rhinoplasties?

Many rhinoplasty surgeons specialize in the so-called open procedure, which involves making external incisions that cut across the columella (the cartilage that separates your two nostrils). The disadvantage to this approach is that permanent scarring is likely to develop after the surgery. While there are several patients who fully heal after undergoing this type of rhinoplasty, there is still a chance that scars may stay long after the operation is done.

On the other hand, a closed rhinoplasty or scarless nose job doesn’t leave a trace of evidence of the procedure. This is because the operation only makes precise and strategic incisions from within your nose. Since the cuts and openings are made internally, any tell-tale sign of the nose job is naturally concealed.

In addition, closed rhinoplasty is often referred to as a natural rhinoplasty because the operation achieves a natural look that is in harmony with other facial features. Subtle and effective changes are prioritized over a drastic transformation that looks unnatural.

How long does a closed rhinoplasty procedure last?

A closed rhinoplasty or scarless nose job typically lasts for one to two hours. However, a challenging nose shape or issue can extend the operation to an extra hour or two due to repeat stitching, maneuvering, and shaving. This is why undergoing a thorough examination is crucial to help your surgeon determine the best approach for your specific nose shape and size.

A major surgery such as a rhinoplasty requires patience. If the consultation alone lasts longer than usual, this is because your surgeon simply wishes to deliver the optimal outcome. This first interaction with the practitioner gives you a glimpse of the care and attention to detail that will be observed throughout your operation. Dr. Deepak Dugar will never put you in a position to make rushed decisions. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask more questions prior to the actual surgery.

Will a scarless nose job make my nose perfect?

It’s important to point out that perfection is not Dr. Deepak Dugar’s intent when performing scarless nose rhinoplasty. Unlike other surgeons’ focus on chasing that elusive goal, the best approach is achieving harmony with your existing facial features. Dr. Dugar believes that everyone is beautiful. Hence, changing the shape and size of noses should simply enhance the natural beauty that’s already present.

A rhinoplasty should take into account the scientific aspect of the procedure, but it would be flawed to solely depend on the mathematically perfect angles that supposedly create the “perfect nose.” Not everyone has the same nose and face type and so recreating the same approach over and over again would be counter-productive.

Equally important is the aesthetic aspect of the operation, which dictates that when the math doesn’t add up the surgeon should apply their creative and instinctive sensibilities to create a nose that doesn’t look out of place.

That all said, if the goal is to change a nose that is shaped in an unconventional way and causes you to feel shame, then a scarless nose job will help you remedy any existing issue and help you regain your confidence.

Dr. Dugar has done wonders for people with a variety of nose types. Whether it’s a bulbous nose tip, prominent dorsal hump, wide nasal bones, a closed rhinoplasty will help you achieve your desired nose shape and size without looking unnatural. In addition, a closed procedure won’t leave post-surgery scars that are commonly seen in open rhinoplasties.

close up photo of a best nose plastic surgeon doing a non surgical rhinoplasty

What steps do I need to take to recover from the procedure?

Within one to two days after your scarless nose job, you will need several hours of bed rest to keep pain and swelling at bay. Depending on the case of each patient, your surgeon may prescribe a small dosage of Tylenol. Great care must also be observed when brushing your teeth.

One to two weeks post-surgery, you’ll need to be careful when making use of your mouth during meals. Avoid food that’s difficult to chew. You'll still have a nasal cast on your face during this time and it’s important to avoid exerting pressure in this area.

About six weeks into your recovery, the nose is well on its way to returning to its normal condition. Avoid direct sun exposure for long periods and intensive physical activities for the meantime. Some patients are permitted to do light aerobic exercises as early as the third week but only if it doesn’t cause pain or swelling to the nose.

In general, it takes about a year for a nose to fully settle into its new shape and contours.

Throughout this period, you’ll have regular check-ins with Dr. Deepak Dugar to ensure you’re making good progress on your recovery.

facial plastic surgeon in beverly hills with a plastic surgery nurse doing a non surgical nose job

It is, however, important to discuss the idea of the “perfect nose.” Almost no one has it and even if the concept of a “perfect nose” existed, it would have virtually no basis in reality or surgery. Yes, we can create almost any shape nose– but would it match your face? We, as a society, often see celebrities and idealize their cosmetic features without realizing part of our idealization is the aura of their lifestyle, success, fame, or sex appeal – not just their nose. So even if you think Bella Hadid’s nose looks amazing, it may or may not be the type of scarless rhinoplasty that fits your face. We are not aiming to create a “perfect nose,” just one that fits your face beautifully and allows you to breathe better – without any external cuts or scars ever.

Not every patient is a candidate for Scarless Nose™ surgery. Some major revision surgeries or reconstructive nose jobs may require traditional “open” rhinoplasty. Dr. Dugar will tell you whether or not you are a candidate for Scarless Nose™ surgery with full transparency and honesty. Achieving the best possible outcome for your nose is far more important than whether or not you end up doing the surgery with us. Whether it's in your best interest to undergo an “open” rhinoplasty elsewhere or to not undergo any surgery at all, we will be the first to let you know. If you’ve never had prior work done on your nose, you are almost always a great candidate for closed scarless rhinoplasty by Dr. Dugar.

Is Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty
Right for you?

Learn the difference between a "scarless nose rhinoplasty" vs an "open rhinoplasty." Hint: It's a HUGE difference! Knowledge is power: Know your options before picking a surgeon.

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