Best Food Trucks in Los Angeles

1) Kogi BBQ

This food truck is the start of the Food Truck explosion in Los Angeles! Kogi inspired many Los Angeles individuals to wait in line for something new and exciting: his Mexican Korean fusion tacos! Since the opening of the truck, his ideas have gotten more impressive and delicious. Check them out for yourselves! 

2) Jogasaki Sushi Burrito

One of the appeals of these fast paced food trucks is the creativity that goes into each dish. Jogasaki was the original creator of the Sushi Burrito that rocked the internet and especially the Los Angeles people! Burritos and sushi...combined...legendary! If you haven't tried this beautiful craze yet, it is a must! 

3) Yeastie Boys Bagels

This is one of my personal favorites! I am a sucker for a good bagel and this place is amazing. Yeastie Boys Bagels is full of funny Jewish puns and swear words that have such an appeal!! Also the bagels are incredible with vegan and vegetarian options available! 

4) Dinas Dumplings

Who doesn't love a good dumpling?? This place is eyecatching with it's pink aesthetic as well as its colorful dumplings! Check out the rainbow colored dumplings all throughout Los Angeles! 

5) Bad Chkn

This place is your comfort food dream with creative spins! It is a culinary masterpiece especially when it comes to their bomb sauce and grits poppers! Yes, I will say it again Grits Popper and boy, are they worth it! Check them out in Glendale and DTLA! 


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